Books for Parents

Below is a selection of books for parents about helping children cope with divorce.


Emery, R. 2004.  The Truth About Children and Divorce:  Dealing with the Emotions So You and Your Children Can Thrive.  New York, NY:  Viking.


Lansky, V. 1996.  Vicki Lansky's divorce book for parents:  Helping your Children Cope with Divorce and its Aftermath.  Minnetonka, MN:  Book Peddlers.


Newman, G. 1984, 2008.  101 Ways to be a Long-Distance Super Dad.  Tucson, AZ:  Blossom Valley Press.


Ricci, I. 1997.  Mom's House, Dad's House: New York:  Fireside, 1997.


Teyber, E. 1994.  Helping your Children Cope with Divorce.  Lexington, MA:  Health.


Wallerstein, J.S. and S. Blakeslee.  2003.  What about the Kids?  Raising your Children Before, During and After Divorce.  New York: Hyperion.


Thayer, Ph.D., E.S. and Zimmerman, Ph.D., J. 2001.  The Co-Parenting Survival Guide:  Letting Go of Conflict after a Difficult Divorce. Oakland, CA:  New Harbinger Publications, Inc.


Johnson, Ph.D., J.R. and V. Roseby, Ph.D., 1997.  In the Name of the CHILD:  A Developmental Approach to Understanding and Helping Children of Conflicted and Violent Divorce.  New York:  The Free Press.


List compiled by Sharon Dornfeld, 2009.

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