The Dram Shop Act provides for Liability to purveyors of alcohol for injuries caused by intoxicated patrons.

Connecticut's Dram Shop Act provides for a purveyor of alcohol to be held liable for injuries an intoxicated person caused if that purveyor sold alcoholic beverages to the intoxicated person after he or she was already intoxicated.  There are a lot of details that can affect the liability in these types of cases, and they require counsel who is familiar with liquor law to properly prosecute and defend them.


Our firm has been litigating Dram Shop cases for over 20 years and is familiar with the unique issues these types of cases present.  We have litigated hundreds of Dram Shop and liquor liability cases.  We are familiar with the specific types of discovery that needs to be pursued in these cases, and we have a long history of counseling clients on how to prosecute and defend their liquor liability case.


Our firm has also been consulted by other firms both inside and outside of Connecticut for help in prosecuting or defending the liquor liability cases they were litigating

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